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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long after opening the product can it be used? + -

    It is best if used within 7 days of opening.

    Is the product gluten free? + -


    Is the product lactose free? + -


    Does the product contain MSG? + -


    Does the milk used in the product contain hormones? + -

    No, milk sourced from cattle free of rBST.

    Can I order the product online and have delivered to my home? + -

    Not directly from us, but you can order from Instacart and from many grocery retailers’ websites.

    What is the vegetable protein in the product? + -

    It is pea protein.

    How much potassium is in the product? + -

    200-300 mg per serving, depending on the flavor, e.g. Raspberry least, Strawberry-Banana most.

    What kind of sugar is in the product? + -

    Liquid sucrose (sugar cane juice processed with water and condensed)

    What is the source of the natural flavors? + -

    Juice concentrate, essential oils, fruit essence.

    What is the source of the gelatin and is it Kosher? + -

    Beef is the source of the gelatin and it is Kosher.

    Is the product Kosher? + -

    The product is not Kosher, but the gelatin itself Kosher.

    Is the product supposed to be thick? + -

    Yes, it  has the consistency of a thick smoothie or milkshake (spoonable/drinkable).

    My GlenOaks is very thin. Why? + -

    Because it is a cultured product, the consistency of GlenOaks can vary slightly from bottle-to-bottle.

    Should the product taste sour? + -

    No, it is generally more sweet than tart.

    What is the serving size? + -

    The serving size is 6 ounces.

    How many flavors are there? + -

    Six, specifically Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach, Raspberry, Tropical Fruit and Blueberry.

    What size containers are there? + -

    24-ounce, 32-ounce

    What stores carry the product in (city, state)? + -

    A list of available locations can be found on our store finder page.

    How many probiotic cultures are in the product per serving? + -

    3.5 billion


    The 4 cultures:

    • S. thermophilus 
    • L. bulgaricus 
    • L. lactis 
    • L. acidophilus 

    Bioengineered food in GO? + -

    The corn starch (an ingredient in the stabilizer blend).